Bolo Rei

Gingerbread House



4 Responses to “Recipes”

  1. Chris Branch Says:

    Hi Celine and Mary
    This is Chris (Pauline’s daughter) from Torquay in Victoria. Mum told me about your site and I have to say it is very impressive. Your cakes look absolutely gorgeous. Do you give out your recipes or are they a secret? 🙂 Would love a good chocolate cake recipe….
    Anyway keep up the good work girls. Jake my son is doing IT at Deakin Uni in Geelong (he has just finished his first year and doing exams at the moment.) I’ll show him your site. I’m sure he will be just as impressed.
    Cheers, Chris

  2. Faith Says:

    I came across your work on Google images! I normally go here to get inspirations for my next cakes! I am in awe of your work! Any one who could learn from you and work with you should be honored! Wish I could!

    1. Sugar Masala Says:

      Thanks Faith! 🙂

  3. jelka Says:

    always a fan.

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